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JULY  2019

The July 2019 meeting was called to order by President Butch Tuttle.
The Secretary’s report was read by Pam Brooks and was accepted.
The Treasurer’s report was read by Greg Barta and was accepted.

We had a guess speaker. His name is Gene Mosher. He was a member of the original Dragons.
He invented many things. One of his big invention was a ring machine.

Old Business:
A big thank you to all the people that brought their cars to the First English Lutheran Church on June 29th . They transported people to Our Saviors Lutheran Church. A big thank you to all.

The car cruise that took place on June 30 had good food and great prices. We went to the Kings Place in Miesville. A big thank you to Denny Tuma. The next cruise is this Sunday, July 14. We are going to the Knotty Bar and Grill in Elysian.

New Business:
We have voted on a date for the dragon’s picnic. It will be September 14th , 2019. We will vote at the next meeting as to the location. We have a few to pick from.

The moose will have a new venue this year. They are throwing around a few new names. We think it should be called TTF. They are thinking of a date around the 16th of August. There will be more at the next meeting.

We got prices for all our clothing. We can price them for sale so we are not losing money on each item. Thank you Daryl for all your work with the clothing.

Mike Hughes is having surgery at Abbott hospital on 7/11/2019 for his heart. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Our Doug Mador was at the meeting tonight. Welcome back!
On July 20th there is a car show at the Owatonna Fairgrounds. The time is from 8:00 AM to 12:00. Also on July 20th , there is a car show at Ginny’s Drive In. She is hosting her 2nd Annual car show. The address is: 213 Ellington Street West Concord, MN. 55985. The time is 12:00 – 4:00 PM. The phone number is 507-527-2010 if you have any questions.

In December we will be voting for new officers. If you are interested, please email, call or text me. My phone number is 507-838-8129.

The next car meeting will be August 14th at the moose lodge in Faribault. The time is 7:00 pm.

We hope to see you all there.

Respectfully submitted,
Pam Brooks